July 6, 2015

4th of July {Part 1}

This year's 4th of July celebration was missing a few of the regulars, but we gained a few newbies and it was pretty fantastic.  We were all nervous it was going to be way too hot, but the breeze on the water made for a perfect day on the island.  We munched on oyster nachos and watched the parade {no exotic animals this year}, then gorged on food before taking a nap {Ryley} and eating our weight in dessert {Lila}.  It really was just a gorgeous day in my favorite place - I'm already excited for next year!

 ryley loved his first 4th on the island!

 lila kept rockin' out to the band every time they came by

 saxophone accompaniment to 'god bless america'

 crab cake!

 sneaking an oyster nacho before they were all gone

 ryley and eric on the beach

 while ryley napped....

 ....us girls took a sitting down version of our annual pic

 lila and ryley were instant buddies

the best smile :)

Tomorrow - fireworks!

stephanie marie

July 3, 2015

Holiday Weekend

Happy Long Weekend!  I don't know about you, but I'm definitely ready for a 3 day weekend to really relax and enjoy one of my favorite days of the year.  I already know that July is going to fly by, so I'm trying to enjoy every bit of it that I can.  Have a safe and happy holiday everyone!

stephanie marie

July 2, 2015

The Cycle Saloon {on water}

Last week, my new work group headed out of the office a little early for some summertime bonding on the water.  We rented the Cycle Pontoon, a version of the Cycle Saloon you see riding around Ballard.  The Pontoon is a peddle boat {although to be honest, you don't really have to peddle} and we brought aboard some drinks, snacks, and 90's music to entertain us while we rode around Lake Union on a gorgeous Seattle afternoon.  I always say that the best place to be on a sunny day is on a boat, and this day was no exception.  I wish we could do this every week :)

stephanie marie

July 1, 2015

Happy Birthday Griffin!

Oh man, G - I can't believe you're 10!!!  This makes Auntie Stephie feel so old!!  I remember the first time I saw you, and how absolutely in love I was with you.  You are one of my most favorite humans on the planet - I wish I could snuggle you every single day!  Have the happiest of birthdays, Griffin!  I love you so much!

stephanie marie

June 30, 2015

Friday Night M's Game

A few weeks back, I was lucky enough to get Mom & Dad's amazing Mariner tickets for Friday night.  Seriously - these were about 20 rows back right behind home plate - some of the best seats I've ever sat in!  Not only did we have the best seats {I didn't get up once, except to jump up and down cheering on the M's to an awesome victory!}, it was also Fireworks night!  After the game, we stayed in our seats to watch the Firework show in left field set to the Star Wars theme music.  It was the most perfect summer night - I only wish those tickets were ours all the time!

stephanie marie

June 29, 2015

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

Happy 35th Anniversary, Mom & Dad {well, yesterday}!!  You are the greatest example for both my brother and me of happiness and love, and I'm so happy that you picked each other's name out of a hat so many years ago :)  Here's to 35 more fabulous years - I love you both!!

stephanie marie

June 26, 2015

Summer Salad

Did you know it's supposed to get above 90 degrees this weekend in Seattle?!?!?  With temps like that, I'm thinking I need to get myself to a large body of water and some shade ASAP.  Since it's not fun to plan big meals when it's that's hot, I've been relying on fresh yummy salads that can be put together in seconds to keep me happy.  The picture above is my most recent favorite - cantaloupe, arugula, slice mozzarella, and sliced prosciutto, topped with salt, pepper, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar.  It's fresh yet filling, and is so easy to whip up on these hot summer evenings.  I'm pretty sure I'll be picking up extra helpings of these ingredients at the store this weekend :)

Stay cool, everyone!

stephanie marie