February 27, 2015


How was your week?  It seemed to go by so fast!  I'm absolutely loving the new job - it feels so nice to actually be excited to go to work in the mornings {even if I'm not so keen on the actual waking up part}.  With the new schedule and this gorgeous weather we've been having, I've been trying to sneak in evening workouts before the sun goes down.  Last week, I raced home and right up to the bluff for a quick jog while watching the sunset.  It was absolutely breathtaking - and a great excuse to take a few breaks and snap a few pics.  I really do love this city :)

Happy Friday!

stephanie marie

February 26, 2015

Tanglewood Supreme

During my week off, I had to hurry home from Wenatchee for a special date with Maddie.  See, ever since I moved to Magnolia, she's been telling me that we have to go try Tanglewood Supreme, this cute little spot down an alley in the village.  We headed out to try this hidden little restaurant, and had the hardest time picking what to actually order {everything looked sooooo good}.  We settled on sharing plates {my fave} and went with the sake poached octopus, the boar short ribs, and the tagliatelle with clams.  Drinking wine, eating great food, and chatting with one of my favorites - it really was a wonderful night in this unassuming place.  Of course, we could probably have just as much fun anywhere, but with our love for trying new places, this night was nearly perfect :)

stephanie marie

February 25, 2015

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

I have a confession - I've never shot a gun {coming from the family that I come from, that's a big deal}.  That is, until two weeks ago when I went to visit my bro in Wenatchee for a few days and we found ourselves with a free afternoon and nothing to do.  I decided to go for it, so we packed up a few .22's and headed up to the gun range.  I had crazy butterflies in my stomach, but after watching my bro shoot a couple rounds, I stepped up and shot my first shot.  And it was pretty awesome :)  While I don't want my own gun anytime soon {or at all, for that matter}, it was such an adrenaline rush to shoot that gun and watch the bullet hit the target.  We ended up staying for quite awhile, trying out different guns and setting up different targets for us to hit {my favorite - an old Neil Diamond cassette tape we found lying around}.  It was so much fun being out there - seriously one of the most fun days I've had in a very long time.  I can't wait to get back out and shoot shit again soon :)

 the teacher

 the student

 it is infinitely harder to shoot while standing up

 not bad for a first-timer {mine's on the left}!

Thanks for teaching me, brother!  That was the best day :)

stephanie marie

February 24, 2015

My Valentine

I spent Valentine's Day with the man who loves me unconditionally {as long as I give him a bottle to drink and a necklace to pull on} - Ryley.  The Robinson's invited me over for their family V-Day full of food, drink, and tons of baby snuggles.  Ryley and I coordinated outfits {see above} and while he showed off his rolling-over skills, I scarfed down one of the most delicious meals I've had in a long time.  We started with a fancy {and delish} charcuterie plate, then moved on to perfectly cooked steak and frites, then ended the evening with my special, creme brulee.  Oh, and there was a lot of wine :)  These people are such great friends - they feed me, let me play with their baby, and in turn ask for nothing.   I couldn't have asked for a better Valentine's Day :)

 valentine kisses

 charcuterie & cheese

winding down the evening with our beverages of choice

Thanks for letting me crash your day, Stef and Eric - it means the world to me!

stephanie marie

February 23, 2015

The Weekend {in pictures}

{the most gorgeous view from kerry park}

 {thai friday}

 {mom finally meeting ryley}

 {banana french toast at home}

 {sunday ballard farmers market}

{strolling along the bluff with mom}

Hope you had a great weekend!

stephanie marie

February 20, 2015

Oscar Weekend

These past few months, I've been slowly but surely getting my butt to the theater to check out the awesome Best Picture nominees for the Oscars this year.  I've gotta say - I have no idea who's going to win.  I have a lot of faves and can't wait to see who takes the statue this Sunday!

 I was in tears from minute one of this film.  While it's a film about war that hits very close to home, American Sniper is also a study in mental illness and the difficulties of life after war.  While heartbreaking and incredibly realistic, it's a must see for our generation.

 I had high expectations for Birdman after seeing it win the SAG awards, and after watching the movie this week, I totally get it - the acting is superb.  I have a new obsession with Michael Keaton after watching this movie and seeing him collecting various accolades lately, and while at times hard to follow, it was intriguing and entertaining the entire time.

 I was completely prepared not to like Boyhood, thinking that a movie filmed over 12 years about a family sounded incredibly boring.  But I totally fell in love with the truthfulness of the story and the normalcy of the cast - you felt like they could be your family {well, if your family was slightly depressing}.  My only problem?  The ending.  I wanted more :)

 While not really the top contender of the bunch, The Grand Budapest Hotel is one I feel like I could watch over and over again.  I love Wes Anderson films, and this one for me is his best yet.  The story of Gustave H. and his companions leads you on a fun and wild journey you don't want to end.

 I loved The Imitation Game, the true story of a team of mathematicians cracking the enigma code to end World War II.  Benedict Cumberbatch was amazingly convincing as Alan Turing {definitely Best Actor potential} and the heart-wrenching conclusion had me shocked and saddened.  Go see this one - so good.

I saw Selma this week, and am so glad I did.  It chronicles Martin Luther King's historic march from Selma to Montgomery and the horrific realities of the treatment of blacks in the 1960's.  Once again, I was in tears throughout most of the movie, but I think it's a necessity that everyone see this one as soon as possible.

Ever since I saw the first preview for The Theory of Everything, I knew I wanted to see it, and it did not disappoint.  I hands down think that Eddie Redmayne deserves the Oscar for his portrayal of Stephen Hawking and the progression of his battle with ALS.  It is a beautiful film and a wonderful story of love and triumph.  Definitely one of my faves :)

Which are you rooting for on Sunday??

stephanie marie

February 19, 2015

Hall of Fame

A few weeks ago, I headed up north for the BEHS Hall of Fame ceremony.  The fam and I showed up to celebrate Uncle Mark's induction for his stellar athletic career at our alma mater back in the day.  While at first it felt a little strange being back in the old gym {and watching a basketball game, nonetheless!}, it was fun to watch Mark get his award and hear about all of his accomplishments.  He was quite the athlete!  We're proud of you, Mark!

stephanie marie